Development of harmful algal bloom monitoring methods and forecast system for sustainable aquaculture and coastal fisheries in Chile (Monitoring of algae in Chile)

The MACH project presented its mobile laboratory in the province of Osorno


The MACH project presented its mobile laboratory in the province of Osorno

On November 2 and 5, the MACH project moved to the province of Osorno to present its mobile laboratory and the suitcase lab. These activities were in coordination with the laboratory of Dr. Gonzalo Gajardo at Los Lagos University, through Patricia Beristain, coordinator of the Genetics, Aquaculture & Biodiversity Laboratory.

The equipment presented, which is part of the technological development of the project, was taken to 3 schools in the province of Osorno and to a coastal community in the area of Bahía Mansa in Pucatrihue creek. In the city of Osorno, we visited the San Mateo School and the Italia School, and in the coastal area, we visited the Bahía Mansa Rural School. In total, 146 children, adolescents, and adults participated in our activities in the project presentation talks and 115 in the visit to the mobile laboratory, completing 1 week of very successful activities, where the mobile laboratory and the suitcase lab were the activities that generated the most attention, presenting these investments in technology for the monitoring of harmful microalgae in the field.

Talks in schools in the Osorno province.

Visits to the mobile laboratory and presentation of the Suitcase lab.

Visit to Pucatrihue cove and presentation of the LaboBus to local communities of artisanal fishermen/gatherers.