Development of harmful algal bloom monitoring methods and forecast system for sustainable aquaculture and coastal fisheries in Chile (Monitoring of algae in Chile)

MACH scientists participate at the Carahue’s city council meeting.


Participation of MACH Scientists in the municipal council of Carahue, presenting progress and future projections of the project.

The MACH project, through its scientific director Dr. Milko Jorquera, presented during the afternoon of Monday, July 19, its objectives and progress in the municipal council of the Municipality of Carahue, to promote collaboration with local communities, especially in the area of Nehuentue, to promote the monitoring of harmful algae and to promote scientific dissemination in the region.
This instance took place after a face-to-face activity held in the Nehuentue cove, where the MACH project presented its Mobile Laboratory and the Suitcase-Laboratory (“Suitcase-Lab”) to a group of local mussel farmers. During this activity, Mr. Humberto Avilés, in charge of fisheries and aquaculture of the Municipality of Carahue, showed interest in continuing to collaborate and carry out activities with local communities and in this sense managed the participation of MACH scientists in the municipal council.
We thank the mayor, Mr. Alejandro Sáez and his municipal council, for giving us the opportunity to share the progress of the project and generate collaborative ties that allow us to better manage sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, addressing in a multi-factorial way the impacts of harmful algal blooms on communities and their productive activity.

Images of the presentation made by Dr. Milko Jorquera during the municipal council of Carahue: