Development of harmful algal bloom monitoring methods and forecast system for sustainable aquaculture and coastal fisheries in Chile (Monitoring of algae in Chile)

MACH research assistant has entered to FONDECYT Postdoctoral program


    On early January 2021, we have received good news from one of our research assistants. Dr. Ignacio Rilling who works for our project at Universidad de La Frontera has been accepted as postdoctoral program fellow in FONDECYT.

    Dr. Rilling has been working with MACH project since November 2018. He mainly works for metabarcoding analysis of samples collected by the relevant institutions.

   During his postdoctoral program he will focus on dynamics of antibiotic resistance genes in the soil environment. We would be happy if the experience he gained from the project will be useful in the future.

Comment from Dr. Rilling:

“I am deeply honored and grateful to be part of this project. Since 2018, I have acquired skills that will take part in my future experiments. Although I am leaving my assistant position, my future research is going to be performed in the same laboratory. So I plan to keep contributing to achieving the goals of the MACH project”.


Mr. Vilugron and Dr. Rilling in IFOP-CREAN premises running LAMP assays.

Ms. Inostroza (EMAlab assistant) and Dr. Rilling during sample preparation training.