Development of harmful algal bloom monitoring methods and forecast system for sustainable aquaculture and coastal fisheries in Chile (Monitoring of algae in Chile)

Visiting IFOP Magallanes group in Punta Arenas


On Sep. 9th, 2019, Prof. Maruyama, Dr. Fujiyoshi and Mr. Vilugrón , SATREPS lab assistant in IFOP Puerto Montt visited IFOP Magallanes group. The staff in Magallanes group kindly cooperates with us and take samples around Punta Arenas every month. As a part of the special seminar in IFOP, Prof. Maruyama Dr. Fujiyoshi and Mr. Vilugrón gave a talk for the members.

Prof. Maruyama firstly expressed his gratitude for the member’s support, and explained the overview of SATREPS-MACH project. He emphasized that this MACH project focuses on “holobiome: the interaction between HAB (Harmful Algae Bloom) and other microorganisms” as well as physicochemical factors. So far, HAB research is only focused on specific algae like Alexandrium catenella, which is the most frequent microalgae with the oldest historical record and is a producer of the paralyzing toxin, therefore this type of project is really new commented by a member. Mr. Vilugrón  explained his works in IFOP P. Montt such as sampling every once a week, making protocols and sampling method training. During the question-and-answer session, the stuff asked a number of research questions.

Likewise, the members of IFOP Magallanes group presented the activities carried out within the framework of the SATREPS-MACH project, which uses the institutional HAB program as a research platform. Since Magallanes is a region with little aquaculture compared to the region of Los Lagos and Aysén, the instance was used to show those activities linked to benthic, pelagic and demersal resources which are great economic importance for the region. And those resources are highly susceptible to the paralytic, diarrheal, amnesic and ichthyotoxic toxin produced by HAB species.

On the next day Sep. 10th Mr. Vilugrón visited the sampling point in P. Arenas together with Mr. Roberto Raimapo, a member of the HAB monitoring program of IFOP Magallanes group, to confirm the sampling method according to the protocol by SATREPS-MACH.

 It was a good opportunity for the stuff in IFOP Magallanes group to know the SATREPS-MACH project in detail. Besides, it was a precious time for us to learn about the joint work done by the IFOP Magallanes group around the theme of HAB, and to express our gratitude to everyone in the Magallanes group.