Development of harmful algal bloom monitoring methods and forecast system for sustainable aquaculture and coastal fisheries in Chile (Monitoring of algae in Chile)

Introducing our project to high school students in Pitrufquén


On June 4, 2019, an outreach activity for high school students in Pitrufuquén, co-sponsored by the Scientific and Technological Bioresource Nucleus (BIOREN) in La Frontera University (UFRO) was held. Pitrufuquén is a city about 30 km south from UFRO. The audience of this lecture was approximately 150 high school students of Complejo Educacional Monseñor Guillermo Hartl in Pitrufquén.

During the lecture, Dr. Jacqulienne Acuña acted as a moderator. Dr. Marco Compos, UFRO postdoctoral researcher, presented “The impact of agriculture on our environment”, and Mr. Ignacio Rilling, SATREPS-MACH lab assistant, presented “SATREPS MACH Project” to the students.

            In the “SATREPS MACH Project” lecture, Ignacio explained new technologies such as ”Suitcase lab” we are developing. He emphasized that the outcome of this Japan-Chile joint research project aims to benefit the general public of Chile (including small-scale fishermen, salmon aquaculture, shellfish aquaculture, etc.).

             See also Facebook of Complejo Educacional Monseñor Guillermo Hartl school. 


Mr. Ignacio Rilling

Mr. Yuji Misu

Dr. Marco Compos

From left to right: Mr. Ignacio Rilling, Dr. Jacqulienne Acuña, Dr. Marco Compos