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Dr. So Fujiyoshi talked on “Science Cafe” at UFRO


    On 28thNovember 2018, Dr. So Fujiyoshi spoke on “Science Cafe” held at University of La Frontera (UFRO), entitled with “Bacterias en nuestras duchas: Una experiencia en Japón (Bacteria in our bathroom: An experience in Japan)”.

    The talk was chaired by Dr. Jacquelinne Acuña (BIOREN, UFRO) who is also one of the members of our MACH project. Yuji Misu, MACH project coordinator, translated Dr. So’s talk to Spanish along with brief introduction of Japanese cultures.

    Dr. So started her talk by introducing that our environments including our body itself are surrounded by full of tiny living organisms, bacteria. She then explained the approach how to study their diversity and microbial diversities in Japanese bathrooms.

    She also showed the “suitcase-lab”, currently under development in the project. It will be applicable not only for HAB detection but also for analyses of microbes living in our surrounding environment such as our homes. 

Further photos are found at Facebook of the program (link). 

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